Book Covid Test

The book covid test is a brand owned by Mediscan Diagnostics Services.
Mediscan Diagnostic Services is a well-established UK based independent provider which has diverse interest in providing its services to NHS and private Health care sector. The company has been operating since 2007. We also provide Ultrasound, Audiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, MRI, and Endoscopy services across 180 clinics in the UK. Mediscan is contracted to reduce waiting times for the NHS and enhance the quality of care for patients, accelerating diagnosis. We are committed to providing exceptional services to patients and their families, offering flexibility, choice, and speed.

Our Vision comes from team working approach

We feel, as part of a team of Healthcare professionals, We can help by applying our experienced skills and vast knowledge to provide innovative, practical solutions that meet our clients’ healthcare and educational needs. We achieve our Vision as “we work closely with an increasingly diversified range of healthcare clients to help visualise and achieve their clinical goals with commitment, integrity and education.”

Our locations

We have clinics in Greater Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bradford and Lincoln. We also have a Visiting Service in Manchester.

Human Contact

It leads to social distancing so that it can't spread through human contact.

Animal Contact

Animal Contact also spreads covid-19 which is the main cause of increasing results of cases.

Personal Contact

The covid-19 virus mainly spreads through contact, whether it is human contact or personal contact.

Air Transmission

Air Transmission is also one of the causes of spreading covid-19 cases.

Our Lab

Our HSE registered laboratories focusses on providing businesses and other organisations with access to expert testing services and an experienced team of specialists.

Our Blogs

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